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By Morgan Dental Services
April 16, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Accidents can happen to your mouth, especially if you have an active lifestyle. For example, a sudden blow to the jaw while playing sports or exercising could result in a chipped tooth. And, while the internal tooth structure may be fine, the effect on your appearance can be disheartening.

Fortunately, we have techniques and materials to restore your smile after an injury. Bonding with composite resin is one such procedure: it’s ideal for mild to moderate chipping, especially in highly visible front teeth.

Composite resin is a dental material made of various substances mixed to match the color and texture of natural teeth. The composite is usually made of inorganic glass filler blended with a plastic-based matrix and joined together with a chemical “coupling” agent. The ratio of filler to matrix will depend on the type of tooth and damage — for example, back teeth, which encounter higher biting forces, require a composite with more filler for added strength.

To begin the procedure, we first prepare the damaged tooth by applying microscopic etchings (often with a chemical solution) that create tiny depressions or “undercuts”: these help create a seamless bond between the composite and the natural tooth. We then apply the composite in layers with a bonding agent, building up layer upon layer until we’ve achieved the desired shape for the tooth involved.

Bonding with composite resins doesn’t require much tooth preparation, can be placed quickly and is relatively inexpensive. Because of the wide spectrum of color possibilities, composite resins are superior to traditional amalgam (metal) restorations in creating a more life-like appearance. Its application, however, can be limited by the amount of tooth structure needing to be replaced: because it isn’t as strong as the tooth structure it replaces, the more tooth structure the bonded composite resin attempts to replace the less likely it can stand up over time to normal bite forces.

Still, composite resins are ideal for mild to moderate damage or disfigurement. If you’ve suffered such an injury, be sure to visit us to see if bonding with life-like composites is the right solution for restoring your smile.

If you would like more information on bonding with composite resins, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Repairing Chipped Teeth.”

By Morgan Dental Services
March 26, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental Implants Restore Multiple TeethWho says tooth loss has to be forever? Replace missing teeth for life with implants.

If you are an adult who is missing one or more teeth do not let this issue dampen your spirits. After all, with all the amazing advancements in dental technology there are so many ways for our Lexington, KY, dentist Dr. Ballard Morgan to replace your missing teeth and to restore your smile. One way is through the placement of dental implants.

Dental Implants Can Save Smiles

Dental implants serve as a durable, permanent foundation from which to support a false tooth. This small metal post, typically made from titanium, is placed by our Lexington, KY, restorative dentist into the jawbone where it will replace your missing tooth’s roots.

Over time, the jawbone begins to fuse together with the implant to become one (this usually takes place over the course of three to six months). Once the implant and jawbone integrate the implant is a permanent prosthetic from which to hold a false tooth or teeth firmly in place without worrying about them moving or shifting around.

Considering Dental Implants

Of course, if you are dealing with tooth loss in Lexington, KY, you may be wondering whether or not you could benefit from dental implants. You’ll be happy to hear that no matter if you are missing one, several or all of your teeth, dental implants can help rebuild your smile. For those missing one tooth, a single dental implant is all that’s needed; however, those who are dealing with significant or total tooth loss will need several implants to be placed along the jawbone to support dentures.

Your candidacy for this long-term tooth replacement depends on several factors including:

  • Your general health
  • Your oral health
  • Your lifestyle and habits
  • Your dedication to treatment
  • Your oral hygiene and care
  • Your budget

Morgan Dental Services in Lexington, KY, is dedicated to restoring your smile after tooth loss. If you are interested in getting dental implants and want to find out if you are a good candidate for treatment then call our office today to schedule a consultation.


Wearing orthodontic braces brings challenges to daily life. During treatment a patient will need to avoid certain foods and habits, take more time to brush and floss properly, and may endure occasional discomfort. But the effect of metal braces on appearance can be especially difficult, especially for peer-conscious teens.

Clear aligners, though, offer an alternative to braces that could make some of these challenges easier, particularly with your appearance. Aligners are clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth to move them. They can be removed by the wearer for easier brushing and flossing or for special occasions. Best of all, they're much less noticeable than metal braces.

Clear aligners were developed thanks to advances in digital technology. An orthodontist uses a computer application incorporating the data from photographs, x-rays or CT scans of a patient's teeth and jaws to produce a series of clear plastic trays. The patient then wears each tray for about two weeks before changing to the next tray in the sequence.

The trays apply pressure much like metal braces to gradually move teeth to the desired position on the jaw. Each tray is slightly smaller in size than the previous tray in the sequence, so that the progression of tooth movement continues with each succeeding tray. The treatment time is about the same as with conventional braces.

This new orthodontic tool works well for many common bite problems, but until recently they've been limited in scope. But new designs in trays and attachments called buttons added to teeth to provide more leverage have greatly increased their use for more complex bite issues.

Clear aligners also have one other disadvantage, ironically due to one of their principal benefits, removability. Although they can be taken out, they must be worn consistently to achieve results. Some younger patients may not have the maturity level and discipline to responsibly wear their aligners as they should.

That's one issue you'll need to discuss with your orthodontist if you're considering clear aligners for your teen. But if they can maintain wearing consistency, and they have a bite problem that can be corrected with aligners, both you and your teen may find this choice more agreeable and attractive than braces.

If you would like more information on clear aligners, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Clear Aligners for Teens.”

By Morgan Dental Services
February 21, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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How your dentist in Lexington, Kentucky, can renew your smile

When you smile, does your smile reflect who you are? Is your smile brilliant white, or is your smile yellowed and dull? The truth is, over Teeth Whiteningtime your smile can take on stains from coffee, tea or smoking. Even healthy foods like blueberries can take a toll on your smile.

Fortunately, you can change your dull smile into a dazzling smile. You can rejuvenate your smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Dr. Ballard Morgan at Morgan Dental Services in Lexington, Kentucky offers teeth whitening solutions to help you and your smile look your best.

You may have tried over-the-counter whitening products to whiten your smile, but many of these products contain harmful chemicals and abrasive agents which can make your teeth sensitive. They also have only a limited effect on whitening your smile. A professional teeth whitening treatment is different. Consider that professional teeth whitening provides:

  • Effective results, because you can whiten your smile up to 8 shades
  • Long-lasting beauty, because your outstanding results can last up to 5 years
  • Safe treatment, because professional teeth whitening products have been rigorously tested and approved by the American Dental Association
  • Dr. Morgan offers two highly effective methods to whiten your teeth, each with its own benefits. You can choose from:

In-office whitening, which is the quickest way to a brilliant smile; the in-office process takes about an hour, making it the perfect choice if you have a reunion, wedding, or other special event coming up and you need to look your best.

Take-home whitening, which comes in a kit containing prescription-strength whitening gel, custom trays, and instructions to whiten your teeth safely at home. This is a great option for people who want to whiten discreetly and privately at home, at their own pace.

Even if your smile is dull, yellow or uninteresting, you can rejuvenate your smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment. You want a smile you can show off, and teeth whitening is the answer you’ve been looking for. To find out more about professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic and restorative dental services, call Dr. Ballard Morgan at Morgan Dental Services in Lexington, Kentucky today!


Mayim Bialik has spent a good part of her life in front of TV cameras: first as the child star of the hit comedy series Blossom, and more recently as Sheldon Cooper’s love interest — a nerdy neuroscientist — on The Big Bang Theory. (In between, she actually earned a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA…but that’s another story.) As a child, Bialik had a serious overbite — but with all her time on camera, braces were just not an option.

“I never had braces,” she recently told Dear Doctor – Dentistry & Oral Health magazine. “I was on TV at the time, and there weren’t a lot of creative solutions for kids who were on TV.” Instead, her orthodontist managed to straighten her teeth using retainers and headgear worn only at night.

Today, there are several virtually invisible options available to fix orthodontic issues — and you don’t have to be a child star to take advantage of them. In fact, both children and adults can benefit from these unobtrusive appliances.

Tooth colored braces are just like traditional metal braces, with one big difference: The brackets attached to teeth are made from a ceramic material that blends in with the natural color of teeth. All that’s visible is the thin archwire that runs horizontally across the teeth — and from a distance it’s hard to notice. Celebs like Tom Cruise and Faith Hill opted for this type of appliance.

Clear aligners are custom-made plastic trays that fit over the teeth. Each one, worn for about two weeks, moves the teeth just a bit; after several months, you’ll see a big change for the better in your smile. Best of all, clear aligners are virtually impossible to notice while you’re wearing them — which you’ll need to do for 22 hours each day. But you can remove them to eat, or for special occasions. Zac Efron and Katherine Heigl, among others, chose to wear clear aligners.

Lingual braces really are invisible. That’s because they go behind your teeth (on the tongue side), where they can’t be seen; otherwise they are similar to traditional metal braces. Lingual braces are placed on teeth differently, and wearing them often takes some getting used to at first. But those trade-offs are worth it for plenty of people. Which celebs wore lingual braces? Rumor has it that the list includes some top models, a well-known pop singer, and at least one British royal.

So what’s the best way to straighten your teeth and keep the orthodontic appliances unnoticeable? Just ask us! We’d be happy to help you choose the option that’s just right for you. You’ll get an individualized evaluation, a solution that fits your lifestyle — and a great-looking smile!

For more information about hard-to-see (or truly invisible) orthodontics, please contact our office or schedule a consultation. You can read more in the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Orthodontics for the Older Adult” and “Clear Aligners for Teenagers.”

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