Are Crowns Right for My Dental Problems?
By Morgan Dental Services
March 25, 2020
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There’s a myriad of ways that crowns could offer a restorative, cosmetic, and long-lasting solution to various dental concerns. Made of very resilient material, dental crowns can do pretty much all the work that your real teeth can, so they can protect your teeth from further damage and chew with them without any issues. The best way to know if you can benefit from crowns is to visit Morgan Dental Services here at Lexington, KY, and consult with our dentist, Dr. Ballard Morgan.

How Dental Crowns Can Help With Your Dental Issues

Dental crowns can treat a broad array of dental concerns. The most common use of crowns is to safeguard teeth with significant fractures or chips and to replace lost teeth. They can also be used for protecting teeth that have huge dental fillings. When a tooth has a bigger-than-usual filling, it could leave the tooth’s walls susceptible to breaking. But once a dental crown is put atop the tooth, the tooth’s structure will be sufficiently protected and strengthened.

If you have missing teeth and require a bridge, crowns can be used for anchoring the bridge. In addition, crowns can help restore severely decayed, but still salvageable teeth, such as those that have undergone a root canal. With help from a crown, however, it will be sufficiently protected. Moreover, crowns are also commonly utilized alongside dental implants. The go over the implants to replace missing teeth.

The Dental Crown Treatment Process

Once your Lexington dentist has decided that you’re fit to get a dental crown, he will need to prepare your tooth first. Aside from shaping it to ensure a perfect fit, your dentist may need to do further treatments, especially if the tooth has decay. Impressions of your teeth will also be taken and a temporary dental crown will be placed on your tooth while waiting for your permanent crown to be constructed. Once it’s ready, it will take the place of the temporary crown.

Want to Find Out If Dental Crown Are Right for You?

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