Get a Whiter Smile
By Morgan Dental Services
July 26, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

An attractive smile starts with white teeth. Unfortunately, smoking, consuming darkly pigmented foods and beverages, and even the natural teeth whiteningeffects of aging can dull your smile. Teeth whitening offers a simple way to remove stains and brighten your smile. Teeth whitening is just one of the many services offered by Lexington, KY, dentist Dr. Ballard Morgan of Morgan Dental Services.

How does teeth whitening work?

Stains form when dark pigments become trapped in tiny pores in your tooth enamel. Teeth whitening agents contain hydrogen peroxide, a safe, natural chemical that breaks up the stain-causing pigments and improves the appearance of your teeth.

What types of whitening options are available?

If you're planning on whitening your teeth, you're probably considering one of these options:

  • Home Whitening with Drugstore Products: Over-the-counter whitening products are easy to find and convenient to use. Although these products can lighten your teeth, they're not as strong as professional products and might not produce the results you expected. You may need to use the products for weeks or months to achieve the desired results. Root or gum sensitivity can occur if the whitening agent comes in contact with your roots or gums.
  • Professional Whitening in the Dentist's Office: Professional whitening agents contains a stronger hydrogen peroxide formulation for more effective whitening. Most people notice a difference of three to eight shades after a one-hour whitening treatment. Before your teeth are whitened, they'll be cleaned of plaque and tartar. If those substances remain on your teeth during whitening, your smile may take on a mottled appearance. Safety is your dentist's priority. He'll use retractors to prevent your lips and cheeks from touching your teeth and apply a protective gel to your roots before your whitening session begins.
  • Professional Whitening at Home: If you prefer, your Lexington dentist can provide you with a supply of whitening gel and custom-made whitening trays, which you'll use at home. The trays are made from impressions of your mouth to ensure a proper fit. Although at-home whitening takes a few weeks, the results are impressive.

Transform your smile with teeth whitening! Call Lexington, KY, dentist Dr. Morgan of Morgan Dental Services at (859) 233-7700 to schedule an appointment.


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